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Natural Handmade Goatsmilk Skin Cream

The wonderful ingredients in this natural cream are what make it an incredible moisturizer and skin softener.  Goatsmilk, as one of the prime ingredients, absorbs and assimulates into the body extremely well and actually helps bring the skin to the healthy pH level.  At this level, your skin is able to fight off  bacterial invasions and many people have experienced relief from skin afflictions using goatsmilk. 

This cream contains several highly absorbent oils (jojoba, sweet almond, apricot kernel, and avocado).  It also contains hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, glycerin, cocoa butter and shea butter for additional moisturizing, plus skin protection.  Each 8 oz. jar contains approximately 3 ounces of goatsmilk (unlike most others) .  With natural preservatives and stabilizers like grapefruit seed extract and potassium sorbate, the cream should be kept refrigerated for long term storage, although you can usually store your jar for a few weeks at room temperature.  Avoid storing in areas where temperatures are elevated.  It is best to use a natural refrigerated cream within 1 year, but it will keep much longer.

You will feel the difference!

*Due to it's natural state, the true scent of this product will come through a few seconds after applying.  Many are scented with pure essential oils, which along with the goatsmilk, will adjust to each person's chemistry with a light pleasant scent.

*A Sensible Note:  As with any skin care product, if you have allergies or sensative skin, please test first on a small area of skin.  Because this contains natural ingredients which can sometimes be slightly inconsistent in nature, creams may vary slightly in texture or scent from one batch to the next.

*The following creams are made with: Purified water, goatsmilk, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, grapeseed oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter, vegetable glycerin, palm stearic, emulsifying wax, potassium sorbate, grapefruit seed extract and pure essential oil.

Price Listing:

*Natural Goatsmilk Skin Creams:
    2.3 oz Jar $5.95 + tx.     (purchase 10 of any one size and get the 11th free)

     8.3 oz Jar $14.95 + tx.    

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Essential Oil Creams


Geranium  This oil is a great skin conditioner and is believed to have anti-depressant qualities.

Jasmine-Patchouli  Also a great skin conditioner, this scent is uplifting.

Lavender-Rosemary  Lavender is a wonderful relaxing light floral scent that is also healing, and brings moisture to the skin.  Rosemary is anti-bacterial.

Rosewood  This woody oil has a slight floral undertone.  It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and has been used for years to increase skin elasticity.  This is considered a universal scent for both men and women.

Ylang-Ylang Clary Sage  Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage oil have been used for thousands of years as a hormone balancer.  They are also relaxing and antiseptic.

Lemongrass  Repels insects, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral & antiseptic.


Grapefruit-Bergamot  This cream is invigorating, uplifting and is a great deodorizer.  These oils are also antiseptic and disinfecting.  (Bergamot is a small fruit in the citrus family that looks much like a minature orange.)

Orange-Ginger  These oils are antiseptic, anti-bacterial and believed to have anti-depressant qualities.

Lemon-Lime  This cream is purifying, invigorating and anti-bacterial.

Tangerine  It is calming, antiseptic and tangerine essential oil may help circulation.

Spices and Mints:

Cinnamon-Clove Ginger  This cream as a great germ fighter.  These spice oils are highly anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.

Peppermint-Eucalyptus  Peppermint is invigorating, tingly and mentally stimulating.  When combined with Eucalyptus it is antiseptic and great for helping to open sinuses.

Spearmint-Tea Tree This combination is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and is believed to stimulate the body.

Wintergreen-Birch  Both of these oils have been used for years as an analgesic.  This cream is also a great skin conditioner.

Spruce Blend
  This cream is scented with Spruce, Sage, Marjoram and Birch.  It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.


Unscented  This cream is great for young children or for those people who do not want an added scent.  Goatsmilk absorbs quickly into the skin and about a minute after applying has no scent at all.  You can also add your favorite scent to this cream.

Fragrance Oil Creams

*At the request of our customers we have made the following fun fragrance oil scents. They have the same base as above and still very soothing, skin softening and moisturizing.

Vanilla  Always a favorite!

Almond Oatmeal  This cream has a yummy almond scent with very finely ground organic oatmeal.  Oatmeal adds extra healing relief to the creams.

Peach Oatmeal  Just peachy with organic oatmeal powder.

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey  This cream also contains organic oatmeal powder with a light sweet scent.

Ocean Rain  Just like the name says...a fresh scent.

Hazelnut  A very yummy scent.  Almost good enough to eat.

Sandalwood   A great fragrance for the guys.

Pear  Also a light fruity scent.

Cucumber-Melon   A very popular fragrance.

Baby Powder  A soft sweet scent.

Coconut-Mango A light fun tropical fragrance.  Brings you to the "islands".

Apple Jack  A great spiced apple scent.

Blueberry-Verbena   A very nice and not super sweet blueberry fragrance.

Rose Petal   If you like the scent of rose, you will like this.

Gardenia  Just a very nice light Gardenia floral scent.

White Tea & Ginger  A floral with a touch of spice...nice.

Mulberry  A delicious grape-like scent.

Strawberry  If you like strawberry scent, you will like this one.

Soapy Clean  A great fresh clean scent for men or women.

Red Apple  A truly wonderful apple scent. 

Country Kitchen  This is a yummy scent that will give a nice warm cozy feel.

Lilac  The best lilac I have tried.  Smells like the real thing.

Honeysuckle  A perfect floral scent.

Rain  Bringing back this great rain scent.  It's just right.

Plumeria  A lovely fruity floral scent.

Pumpkin Spice  A very nice blend of two pumpkin scents.

Magnolia  This cream is lightly scented perfect for those who want just a touch of fragrance.

Musk  Musk is a great scent for men or women.

Sweet Pea  A soft sweet floral fragrance.

Lily of the Valley  A great lily of the'll love it.

Sun-Ripened Raspberry  A fresh yummy raspberry scent.

Clean Cotton  A fresh clean fragrance...very nice.

Lovespell  An absolutely wonderful lighty sweet fruity scent.

Rise and Shine  A light scent with citrus undertones.

Yuzu  A fresh fruity scent.

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